What We Do

Stats Verify is a team of academics passionate about high quality research in the social sciences. Results and conclusions from research studies have potential to affect real world change and individuals' lives. Decisions about health care and public policy stem from research. Ensuring that one's data and statistical decisions are handled in the most effective manner will undoubtedly provide the most valid interpretations and conclusions.

Many researchers do not have the time, resources, or comprehensive training in advanced data analytic strategies and statistical tools. This is where we can help. Our team has extensive knowledge of quantitative methods and applied social science research. We provide support and expertise at any stage of the research process from designing your study to analyzing data and interpreting your results.

Statistical Consulting

Comprehensive assistance to carry out statistical analyses.

Analysis Verification

Independent verification of statistical procedures used, including their assumptions, and the derived conclusions.

Statistical Verfication

Independent Verification of the data-set and statistical procedures conducted

“Alyssa helped me troubleshoot a complicated model in Mplus. She was knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. She made sure to explain things in a clear way, ensuring not only that my problem was solved, but that I actually understood how it was solved. I would not hesitate to recommend her consulting services!” -LC, University of Toronto & Sick Kids

“I hired Alyssa to do some statistical work for me. She helped tremendously with the statistical analyses for my dissertation research. Would work with her again!” -NS, Graduate Student at York University